This is regarding the jubilation displayed following acquittal of former Minister and DG Hajj in 2010 Hajj Scam. The question arises who was responsible for visually documented reports by electronic and print media and the letter written to Supreme Court. Was it fate and destiny of over 40,000 innocent poor Hajis, or was their suffering ordained by nature, because some of them later died as a consequence of physical and mental humiliation they suffered, or is it a gross miscarriage of injustice?. What about judgment of Special Judge Central Court Islamabad and allegations that rented residences for pilgrims who paid SR3600 each in 2010 were actually for around SR1500 only. 

Why should the visually documented and photographed proof of their sufferings not be enough? As for money trail of gross financial irregularities which most likely occurred, the fault lies with government and state regulatory agencies funded by taxpayer which failed in performing their duties. Every year thousands of so called volunteers, from civil and uniformed services, proceed to Holy Land to serve as Khadimain Hujjaj, all expenses paid. Why do we have a DG Hajj and separate ministry for Hajj, if they are not to be held responsible for criminal neglect to perform? 

May I suggest that criminal proceedings be initiated against 40,000 Hajis, the media and all others who made these allegations? The Pakistani state funded agencies tasked to make arrangements for HAJJ should make it clear to intending pilgrims that they should be prepared for such calamities, stop complaining and seek justice only on Day of Judgment. To add salt to injury those who were allegedly responsible and faced trial are now seen publicly celebrating their so called acquittal, raising V-Sign as if they had been victims. Does it not awaken the conscience of paid and elected public office holders who today are party to celebrations of every individual accused of corruption? God Almighty have mercy on us. This is certainly not in line with sayings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) nor in accordance with spirit and vision of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. 


Lahore, March 29.