CHINIOT -  Historical and cultural heritage Umar Hayyat Mehal has fallen prey to the government's negligence as two of its storeys have collapsed while the rest of the building is about to cave in.

The renovation work has also been left incomplete. Sheikh Umar Hayyat started the construction of Umar Hayyat Mehal in 1921 which completed in 8 years. The estimated cost was RS400,000 at that time. The palace has five storeys and a beautiful garden. The palace of 20 rooms attracted the visitors and became a tourist place. Every year, hundreds of visitors would come and enjoy with the beauty of the palace.

With the passage of time, the building started decaying because of the negligence of the government. Two of its storeys have collapsed.

Two year ago, the government issued a grant of Rs1 million for its renovation but the government did not pay attention towards its completion. The people have demanded immediate steps for the preservation of the national and cultural heritage.

Pervaiz Ahmed