In an unexpected move, the five year long coalition between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) seems to be entering an unstable phase. A move which is very common before the general elections, however, the point of contention is a matter of grave concern. Alleging that the Senate Chairman elections were being controlled and manoeuvred by a third party is a serious allegation. This means that the system no longer practices the independence that it blatantly boasts of. This again implies the corruption of a democratic system; a problem which must be addressed right away if democracy has to prevail.

However, as serious as the allegation stands, the response from the PTI bank is not satisfying. The tit-for-tat allegation in return by claiming JI’s closeness with PMLN and the love for the party is not the required answer here. An allegation such as this requires factual information in return, instead of a rhetoric packaged in newer words. Even if JI leaves the coalition, as PTI has directed ever so gently, it still does not absolve the party of colluding with a third party. It is important for their own political trajectory to address such issues, give plausible reasoning in order to retain their voter base.

The knee-jerk reaction of the PTI members after JI Chief Siraaj ul Haq came forth with the claim creates a lot of suspicion. To add to that, PTI also asked members who voted against the decided pattern to leave the party. This particular development, for many, stands out as the proof of a larger plan to not let PMLN take majority. These concerns have not been addressed by PTI yet and the party finds a way around these issues instead of addressing them.

JI spokesperson pointed out that a long term coalition could not just be left due to the emotional response of the other party, signalling their interest in maintaining the cordial ties and the ability to run a government together. However PTI’s classic case of demonising members and partners do not paint a very good future of the KP government. Only time will tell whether PTI is willing to cooperate with dissenting voices to ensure a smooth end to the term or not.