Library of Congres

A lmost two centuries ago, President John Adams approved books of up to five thousand dollars for Congress use. The books were first stored at US Capitol, later shifted to the library itself. Serving as the nation`s oldest federal cultural constitution, the library serves as the primary research arm of the United States Congress.

Perhaps one of the few libraries of the world, which came through an act of Congress. The library has had its highs and lows during two hundred years of American history tainted by wars, fire, political violence, legislative debacles, etc. It was after the civil war had ended when the States went onto a rehabilitation path, the economy was settling down and the city of Washington was ready to rule the states and the world.

It would be fair to say that American presidents in the past have always held the library in high regard primarily due to the vitality of knowledge such institutions could provide to the American people.

As of today, the establishment serves in multiple capacities, retaining its role or a research library. It has evolved into a state of the art digital knowledge platform with campuses and representation across the states.