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Protection, Dr. Sania 35m applicants rejected for Ehsaas cash reliefDr. Sania says cases were rejected on multiple reasonsNishtar has said that 35 million applicants for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program were rejected on the basis of different parameters.Under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

Rs 69 billion have so far been disbursed among 5.75 million families

while 35 million applicants

have been rejected,

Dr. Sania said while addressing a news conference

here.Giving the breakup of the rejected applicants, she said that around four million applicants have been rejected on the basis of wealth profiling. Similarly,

12000 applicants have been rejected on the basis of new government employees data provided by NADRA, NESPAK, and WAPDA Gencos. She said that 88621 applicants

were rejected as their CNICs were not verified. On the basis of poverty score database 82000 applicants, 23000 on the basis of Federal Board of Revenue statistics

while the remaining were rejected as there were multiple applicants from one family or there was doubling.More than 80 percent deserving families of the first category have received

payments under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program while payments

to the second category

of beneficiaries is underway, she said. She added that for the third category of Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program,

a list of 19 million applicants was provided to the district administration

and they are finalizing

the beneficiaries list.Regarding the payment to daily wagers, she said that Rs 75 billion were approved for the purpose

and the ministry of industries will evolve a mechanism for its disbursement

the cash will be issue to the dailywagers

on the basis of that mechanism, she said.Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf

leader, Dr. Shahbaz Gill, who also accompanied

Dr Sania Nishtar on the ocasion, said that unfortunately

the government

of Sindh is doing politics on cash program and also on the pandemic. Earlier, the PTI government

is not doing any politics on the program funded through tax payers’

money, he maintained.

They have not displayed any picture of Prime Minister or Dr. Sania

on the posters of the Ehsaas or any other initiative,

he added.He said that four to five million beneficiaries receiving

financial help under

Ehsaas program are from BISP data while the remaining are also inducted

on the basis of poverty and not due to their political affiliations. He said that the Sindh government calling for strict lockdown was just limited to words and it was not implemented properly. The data shows that there is no difference

in the emergence of corona cases among the the provinces who were talking about strict lockdown and those who were not, he said.He said that it is deplorable

that the Sindh government has also done politics on  coronavirus

testing kits provided

by China and returned it to the federal government

saying they are not working. Dr Gill said that the kits returned by Sindh were handed over to the National

Institute of Health where they were working

accurately.He also criticized a group of doctors calling for lockdown and termed it a political move. “I know lockdown is the best solution to the pandemic

but we cannot afford

complete lockdown