PESHAWAR               -          There is a concern about rising corona cases in Peshawar

and other parts of the province and many think that the lack of seriousness on the part of public

with regard to social distancing and other measures

is the main factor.Some believe that the government should form jirgas

and informal bodies at the grassroots such as union

councils, to convince people through their respective

opinion leaders for the lockdown and social distancing and people even have not been affected by the media messages, as crowds of people can been roaming freely in markets. So far, the contagion has claimed 83 lives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, of whom 37 are from Peshawar alone. Also, the provincial capital houses 431 positive cases

of coronavirus while there are 1453 cases in the entire KP. Also, there are a few mosques in Saddar, Hayatabad and inner city where there are arrangements

for people to stay at least 3 to 6 feet away from each other in congregational prayers. However, most of the other mosques are witnessing the prayers without any distancing. Speaking to The Nation, Provincial Doctors Association

KP President Dr Amir Taj Khan said that on the one hand, the public was not following anti-corona protocols and on the other the government was also responsible for the increase in corona cases.“When the government relaxes the lockdown, it will definitely leads to an increase in the corona cases

now,” he added.Also, Dr Amir Taj said that many doctors and other health staff also lack personal protective equipment in the OPDs of various hospitals. “Patients should also be provided sanitizers and masks upon entry to hospitals. But here, even medical staff in OPDs and other areas of hospitals lack such basic protective equipment, let alone providing the same to visitors and patients,” he added.He claimed that even the janitorial staff of hospitals is not trained enough to even properly clean and disinfect

a premises as per the WHO rules. He said that after using media, the government now needs to form bodies at local level to use the influence

of opinion leaders to ensure social distancing.Dr Khalid Masood, Director of the Lady Reading Hospital, stated that they provide around 306 complete

kits per day to the staff who deal with corona