The time we are living in; the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic is not an easy time to live in. History is full of pandemics e.g. Asian flu in 1956-59 killed almost 2 million people, Flu Pandemic killed 20 – 50 million people (1918), Sixth Cholera pandemic 1910-1911 killed more than 8 million, the black death one of the biggest epidemics happened in 1346-53 killed more than 200 million people.

These monsters ate precious lives till the time we didn’t have the right weapon; vaccine or suitable cure for them. Same goes with the contemporary situation, till the time we don’t have right cure for coronavirus only precaution can save us and its not that difficult; just maintain hygiene, wash hands, avoid unnecessary traveling stay home, maintain social distance, eat and drink healthy. Our departments are spreading awareness, we as good citizens also must act responsibly. Soon we will get rid of this as also our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) said:

There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.”


We; Muslims can’t repudiate it and no soul on earth would like to deny it. Each non sadistic soul, living on the face of earth would wish for the same. Millions of deadly and non-deadly diseases exist but never forget the fact that they are co-existing with their respective cures. We must hope for good and be cautious.