In 2005, Pakistan’s Supreme Court forced a restriction on the trade or even flying of kites. The court said it was a precautionary measure to prevent the loss of lives since kite strings were sometimes laced with chemicals and in recent years duelers have coated them with metal or glass, to make them sharper.

In spite of the law, numerous deaths that happen every year because of this leisure activity of our dear individual kinsmen. As the pandemic struck Pakistan numerous individuals lost their rational heads and began acting in odd manners and some discovered their old side interests and began flying kites in any event, even when they know it is banned in Pakistan. This is the time where they should be concentrating at the forefront of their thoughts and praying that we escape this situation as quickly as time permits, instead they decided to be neglectful of the side effects of their conduct.

I see the children running on roads, a kite sitting tight for it to tumble down, and afterward battling about the way that who will get the chance to keep it, social distancing is being compromised. Instead of following the necessary precautionary measure to minimise the death toll caused by the corona pandemic we are getting indulged into more activities like kite running which will only make the situations much worse. I know the administration as of now has a great deal on their plate however they have to accomplish something at the earliest opportunity before individuals begin acting in manners by which they believe is correct.