Islamabad       -             Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) realising its corporate social responsibility and the issue of scarcity of clean drinking water for the residents of Islamabad, rehabilitated three water filtration plants in Federal capital. Mari petroleum has carried out rehabilitation of water filtration plants in G-10/4, G-9/1and G-7. The water filtration plants were inaugurated on 22 April,2020 by Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Ansar Aziz and Deputy Mayor, Syed Zeeshan Naqvi. Consultant Admin & security MPCL, Brig(R) Shaheryar Khan, General Manager Exploration,Tufail Ahmed Khoso and Consultant Projects MPCL Brig(R) Muhammad Sultan represented Mari Petroleum during inauguration. Total cost incurred on the rehabilitation work is approximately 4 million rupees.

Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) has approached MPCL for its support in provision of clean drinking water to residents of Islamabad by proposing several inoperative and abandoned filtration plants for rehabilitation.

Local community and MCI has lauded the role of Mari petroleum and has further requested to continue this project on various locations.

Lt.Gen(R) Ishfaq Nadeem Ahmed, Managing director/ CEO MPCL assured the local community and MCI that Mari petroleum shall continue providing support to the residents of Islamabad by rehabilitating additional water filtration plants in near future.