ISLAMABAD           -              Shakil Shaikh, a former board of governors member of Pakistan Cricket Board, has slammed the PCB management claiming it was running the affairs ‘unconstitutionally.’  He pointed out that by not convening its annual general body meeting last year under the 2014 or 2019 constitutions, the PCB chairman and other managers had committed a violation. “They were constitutionally bound to hold the meeting, and I see no chance of the meeting taking place even this year because of the non-existence of elected cricket associations,” said Shaikh. “Since no annual general body meeting took place, all decisions of the chairman were illegal and unconstitutional.”  Shaikh, who served in various vital positions in the PCB, called for penalizing the chairman for violating the constitutional and mandatory provisions. “The August 2019 constitution is undemocratic, and following it violates the democratic norms and the spirit of the Constitution of Pakistan.”  He stated that seven out of 10 voting members of PCB’s all-powerful board of governors (BOGs) are nominated, and has only three representatives of the cricket associations. “It makes the PCB constitution undemocratic, as non-elected nominees take all the decisions to serve the personal interests of the man at the helm.”  Shaikh also objected to the representatives of departments and regions still serving on the board of governors. “Despite the abolishment of departments and regions, eight BOG members—four representing regions and another four the departments—continue to be a part of the board. How can they do so,” he questioned.