ISLAMABAD          -         After a long hiatus, Pakistani pop star Haroon is back with a brand new video of the song Dhundoonga. The popular music star (formerly of Awaz band) has been busy with his production studio Unicorn Black which developed the Burka Avenger TV series but has now come up with a brand new song and music video for his fans. Speaking about the video Haroon said: “I did this fun music video a few years ago but never launched it. I was so busy with Burka Avenger that the video just never got released and I forgot all about it. But nostalgia is in and with people stuck at home in need of entertainment I decided to put it out there. The music video is one of its kind. It was shot with me live on green screen and all the environment and props were painstakingly synced using computer graphics and animation. The idea was to give it a retro animation feel. I composed the melody for this song many years ago and Sabir Zafar wrote the lyrics. The original recording was done at Kashan Admani’s Dream station studios in Karachi years back and had a pop rock feel. Then I reworked it in my own studio at Unicorn Black with Jonathan Jones to give it a more pop vibe. Thank you so much to everyone involved.”

The music video sees Haroon in an animated world. It is fresh, clever and a lot of fun to watch. It will certainly boost up everyone’s spirit in these trying times and is a perfect treat for fans stuck at home. The video has received tremendous praise for fans, racking up over 300,000 views in less than 12 hours.