KARACHI Sindh government has declared 16 points as sensitive at downstream Korti on Indus River, however the irrigation authorities were making all-out efforts to get successfully pass the river water into the sea. Provincial Minister for Irrigation, Jam Saifullah Dharejo expressed these views while addressing a press conference held at the New Sindh Secretariat here on Monday. He said currently a huge flow of 880,463 cusecs flood water is passing through Kotri Barrage, which is around 100,000 cusecs more than its capacity. He said the capacity of barrages have been gradually reduced during past years, otherwise there would have no point of concern presently. He recalled that the Kotri Barrage has confronted heavy floods in the past, those including some 980,000 cusecs flow of water passed through the Kotri Barrage in 1952. He said the protective embankments have got weaken and no maintenance was made on them since long because the province has experienced flood situation after a gap of last 35 years. Irrigation Minister said that Shahdadkot is still under threat and the government authorities were trying to protect the town, and hopefully it would be saved. He said the government was considering three options to divert the flood water coming from Dera Allahyar and Garhi Khero towards the Shahdadkot into Manchar Lake. The options include to divert the water towards Miro Khan Drain, and bring it to the Manchar Lake through Hamal Lake and MNV Drain, to pass the water through RBOD and FP Bund and then release it into the Lake, and to discharge the water into the lake through Siprio Bund. Dharejo said that capacity of the Manchar Lake is 116 RL, and currently the lake has water level at 111.2 RL. According to him, the capacity of the lake could be increased by 120 to 121 RL. The minister said that some 89 people have died and around 100,000 persons have drowned into the flood. Responding to a question, the minister said that issue of breaking Tori Bund is being politicised by some political friends. He rejected allegations about breaking the Tori Bund to save lands of influential personalities, and said that unexpectedly an increased water of 200,000 to 250,000 cusecs had come from Rajanpur and Koh Suleman, as a result the water reached at Ghouspur Loop Bund after overtop the Tori Bund.