ISLAMABAD Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Spokesman Ahsan Iqbal has strongly condemned the MQM Quaids statement with regard to imposition of the martial law in the country. This is simply an hilarious statement, as no democratic party has invited martial law so openly. This under Article 6 is tantamount to subversion of the Constitution, he said in a statement issued here on Monday. He said, If martial law is a solution to our problems then Pakistan would be the most revered country in the world because it is one of those countries which have seen martial law the longest period of time. Pakistan, he said, was ravaged for more than 34 years by various military regimes in the name of accountability and fixing its problems but every martial law left bigger mess behind it. Every martial law weakened the Federation. The tragedy of the East Pakistan was a direct consequence of the martial laws as stated in Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. Musharrafs martial law left Balochistan on verge of collapse. Altaf should spell clearly what is his real agenda, he said. He said, The logic of inviting the generals to eliminate feudalism is a joke because all military regimes made feudal lords their partners to rule the country and consolidated their influence in the society. Altaf remained a partner of the feudal lords during Musharrafs years. Before making such pronouncement it should have left the coalition. Likewise, MQM has been enjoying power in every regime for the last twenty-five years and has remained in power longer than any other party. If situation is really bad in the country then MQM has to be more responsible for it then any other party. He said, Making such announcements from London is an insult to thousands of democratic workers of the country, who sacrificed their lives, families, and livelihoods for restoration of the democracy. If Altaf is so concerned about the situation in the country, he should immediately return to Pakistan and make his contribution in fixing the problems through democratic process. He said, Solution to Pakistans problems lies in rule of law, strengthening of institutions, good governance, and transparent system to check corruption. If countries with same illiteracy and under development like us can run democracy successfully there is no reason we cant. The present regime is also a by-product of Musharrafs martial law, which facilitated its coming into power through NRO. Therefore, democracy shouldnt be blamed for the present mess.