LAHORE - About 30 Ahle Sunnat parties and organisations have announced countr-ywide campaign for the construction of Kalabagh Dam and unanimously demanded the government to begin dam project without delay. The decision was taken in a meeting of Ahle Sunnat parties, chaired by Chairman Sunni Ittehad Council Haji Muhammad Fazal Kareem held here on Monday. Addressing the occasion, Sahibzada Fazal Kareem said the construction of Kalabagh Dam is need of the hour for the progress and prosperity of the country and the rulers and political leadership unanimously decided construction of Kalabagh Dam in the vast interest of the country in order to overcome the energy crisis. Allama Sayed Riaz Hussain said those who opposing the Kalabagh Dam, in fact wanted to please India and they not only are traitors but also are enemies of the nation and country as well, Haji Hanif Tayab said Kalabagh Dam is in fact the project of the prosperity of the country and implementation on the project would bring the electricity tariff down. Leaders of Jamaat Ahle Sunnat Pakistan, Markazi Jamiat Ullema Pakistan, Aalmi Tanzeem Ahle Sunnat, Sunni Tehreek, Nizam-e-Mustafa Party, Markazi Jammat Ahle Sunnat Pakistan, Tahafaz-e-Namoos-e-Risalat Muhaz, Adara Sarat-e-Mustaqeem Pakistan, National Mashaikh Council, Anjaman-e-Tulba Nanzeemul Madaras Ahle Sunnat Pakistan, Anjuman-e-Usataza Pakistan, Mustafai Tehreek, Council of Jaraed Ahle Sunnat Pakistan, Fikker Writers Forum, Adaratul Mustafa, Naeemeen Association and other organisations participated in the meeting.