ISLAMABAD - Besides wreaking havoc and causing enormous loss of lives and property, the flash floods have also badly impacted the fish farming industry in Southern Punjab as fish farmers are facing heavy loss with almost all the mature fish swept away with the floodwater. It would be appropriate to note here that fish farmers have been afflicted with loss of millions of rupees, as they would have to face repercussion in the coming year due to certain reasons, fish farming experts told TheNation. Fish farmers would face severe paucity of fingerlings in the coming year that would badly affect fish farming, experts said adding that fish for this season was almost ready but all have been damaged due to recent floods. It takes almost six to seven months in maturing fingerling, which is used for next season in farms, said the experts. Fish farming industry was fast booming in Southern Punjab (Muzaffargarh) for the last few years, as of late, the farmers leaving crops have been switching over to this business. Hundreds of fish farms in the area have been badly damaged. This recent floods have created havoc for the industry which may take years to develop again, experts opined. I have suffered around Rs6 million loss in single day as all mature fish, fingerlings have been swept away, said Sajid Khan, a fish farmer. Another fish farmer Aoun Hameed narrating his story said that all have been vanished as despite warning We have no way to shift bulk of fish anywhere. Millions of rupees good quality fish have been swept away, he said adding the loss would badly ruin fish farming industry. A group of affectees said that with all other compensations, the incumbent government should also think for poor farmers who suffered millions of rupees loss. It would not be out of place to mention here that reportedly, prices of fish for the last 6 to 8 years couldnt exceed from Rs60 to Rs80 per kg however, the same fish is selling at Rs350 to Rs400 in hotels and restaurants. Fish is a 'white meat and its demand is continuously rising but government allegedly has left public and private sector alone. Experts opine that the government is not fully supporting this industry thats why this business is continuously declining, and now after this catastrophe there is need of concrete steps to boost this industry.