The brutal murder on the street in Sialkot, and in broad daylight too, of two brothers who were (allegedly) thieves is a stark reminder to dacoits that are stealing from the public exchequer that end is nighand very horrendous. It seems like a rehearsal of the 'big fixture of future when a furious mob of public, sticks, stones, daggers, guns, anything in hands, would attack them on the streets, jump into their palatial homes and plush official residences. The Pandora Box is straining to be opened and the boiling sentiments just about to burst out if the corrupt governments we have at helm fail to do something about the pain caused to society and the people. The scenes on our television screens run shivers down the spine. Let us pray the society doesnt touch that extreme and the government is able to maneuver out of this crisis. It is a tall order, the choices are limited and time short. -DR. GHAYUR AYUB, London, August 21.