I was shocked beyond words to see the online video of two brothers being killed in Sialkot by the villagers in broad daylight. They were cruelly hitting these hapless boys with rods in front of policemen standing idly by. When they had murdered them, their corpses were hung upside down. The villagers treated them worse than animals. I was actually very afraid to see the event. On the one hand, Pakistan is already affected by natural disasters and then we have these kinds of events happening. This is actually the wrath of Allah that is surrounding us in the shape of floods and yet we are not repenting for our sins. It is such a pity that killing innocent people without any reason is so easy in this country. That is because there is no law here. Even our police is involved in every crime that happens on the street. It is clearly written in the Holy Quran that killing of one person is akin to killing the entire humanity. How cheap is the human life in this country that whoever wants to kill someone can do so easily without any fear of police and law enforcement agencies. Everyone knows they can be bribed. But the question arises will the culprits be able to escape from Allahs punishment? Why arent they scared of Allahs wrath? -HAFIZ MUHAMMAD NOMAN, Karachi, August 21.