LAHORE - Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court on Monday raised a big question mark on the performance of both federal government and Punjab government which have failed to outline any schedule for conducting local bodies elections in Punjab despite lapse of several months. The judge made the remark in an angry mood, How will this government conduct next general elections in the country on time if it could not conduct local government elections? He was hearing an application filed by President Local Councils Association of Pakistan (LCAP) Syed Muhammad Asghar Gilani and some other identical petitions against the governments deliberate hol-dup in conducting local bodies elections and appointment of administrators in place of nazims. Representatives of the federal government and the Punjab government blamed each other for the delay in local government elections and the judge was much annoyed by the way responsibility was being 'shifted by them from one side to the other. On behalf of federal government, Additional Attorney General Pakistan Ahmed Rauf submitted it was job of the Punjab government to conduct the local bodies elections. On the contrary, Additional Advocate General Punjab Tanvir Ahmed Hashmi argued that a province could not give schedule for the elections without approval of the federal government and the election commission of Pakistan. The judge regretted no one was ready to accept responsibility for the job (elections) despite the fact the administrators had exceeded lawful period of 180 days in place of nazims and they have no lawful authority to hold office any more. Justice Azmat directed the representatives of both the governments to appear in the court on next hearing with a clear stance about two questions: who will conduct the local bodies elections and when it will be conducted? With these remarks the judge deferred hearing of the matter till August 27. Petitioners counsel Fawad Chaudhry advocate said it seems that Punjab had no plans in near future to conduct polls for the district governments. He said the government not only dissolved the local bodies but also appointed the administrators in February 2010 in violation of the constitution. He stated the provincial government passed the Punjab Local Government (Ame-ndment) Act 2010 in clear violation of Article 140-A, 2-A, 7, 9, 17, and 32 of the Constitution to put administrators in place of nazims. He stated the government made amendments in Local Government Ordinance 2001 totally against the constitution and also appointed administrators against the rules. He requested to declare the amendments and appoi-ntments of administrators as against the constitution. He further prayed to issue directions for the government to conduct elections at the earliest.