LAHORE - Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif on Monday summoned the Inspector General of Police Punjab for August 27 to ask him why his subordinate police officials across the Punjab try to make courts unable to reach the truth in cases of illegal detention. The CJ was hearing a habeas corpus petition filed by Ms Rukhsana for the recovery of her 9-year-old son Saddam Hussain and brother-in-law Shabbir Hussain (her husbands brother) who were illegally detained at the Vanikey Tarar Police Station, District Hafizabad without any FIR/case against them. In Mondays proceedings, the LHC-appointed-bailiff Mu-hammad Iqbal submitted a report about the raid he made on the said police station for the recovery of the two dete-nues stating that the police arrested them many days ago, but their arrest was not showed in daily diary of arrests. I raided the police station on August 20, and found that the arrests were put in the record on the same day, the bailiff informed the court. The CJ noted, I have observed that in such habeas corpus petitions whenever the LHC bailiff goes to any police station to recover detenues, the arrest is shown on the same day. And when he (bailiff) asks for the police file, the pretext being taken by Moharar is that the file is out of police station. The CJ asked the Additional Advocate General to direct the IGP Punjab to appear before his court on August 27, so that he might know as to what his subordinates were doing in the whole Punjab. They were trying to make courts unable to reach the truth, and this act amounted to commission of an offence under the law. In her petition Ms Rukhsana submitted that on August 17, 2010 six persons in plainclothes raided her house and took away her minor son and brother-in-law. On asking they claimed that they were officials of Faro-oqababd Police Station, She-ikupura, however, when contacted the SHO of the police station showed ignorance about the detenues. After searching many police stations it came to the knowledge that the detenues were locked up in Vanikey Tarar Police Station, District Hafizabad and were subjected to torture. She had prayed to the court to recover them from illegal police custody. On this, the CJ, being displeased over the behaviour of the police, summoned the IGP. Man dies mysteriously A 45-year-old unidentified man died under mysterious circumstances at Texali Chowk in Bhaati Gate police area on Monday. Police concerned maintained that some people spotted a body lying near the aforesaid Chowk and informed the police. The police made numerous announcements in nearby mosques but none of the citizens claimed to own the body. An on duty police officer said that apparently the deceased seemed a drug addict but it was too early to establish something. Later, the body was moved to the City morgue for autopsy.