LAHORE - The PPPs Punjab Secretary Finance, Auranzeb Burki has said that PPP leadership and its allied government would utilise all national resources and the foreign aid for the rehabilitation of flood affectees. In a press statement issued on Monday, the PPP leader appealed to flood victims to observe patience regarding rehabilitation and wait for the water to recede. Burki said PPP government would not disappoint the affected population, as it would mobilise all available resources to enable the flood victims to stand on their own feet. He said that in view of the massive destruction caused by raging floods, foreign aid was inevitable for reconstruction in the affected areas. President Asif Ali Zardari was making sincere efforts to mobilise national resources and foreign aid to build the infrastructure destroyed by the calamity, he said, adding that political forces should strengthen his hands instead of making him controversial by levelling different allegations at a time when country needed unity. He said this was not the time to indulge into controversy on any issue. Burki appealed to all political parties to avid political point scoring over flood and work jointly for rehabilitation of the affectees. He said PPP govt was determined to bring the country out of crises by joining hands with all political forces.