LAHORE - The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has strongly denounced the statement of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain on inviting martial law in the country. The Bar with the support of thousands of lawyers would resist any attempt at brining the military to rule in the country, said SCBA General Secretary Raja Zulqarnain, SCBA Vice-President Mian Waheed Akhtar and Lahore Tax Bar President Muhammad Ajmal Khan here on Monday. They said that legal fraternity always stood against martial laws and the military governments while advocating for the democratic rule wherein they believed lie the solution to every problem of Pak. They are, once again ready to undergo every hardship for the sake of democracy and to repel martial law. The Bar leaders also blamed America for patronising certain parties in its own interest. They said at present Karachi was a victim of the worst kind of target-killings whereof unrest was spreading to other parts of the country besides giving a serious blow to the traders activity in this City and in this situation, the invitation of martial law by Altaf amounted to adding fuel to the fire and appeared part of an international conspiracy. They also expressed concern on the as yet not disclosed facts of the plane crash in Islamabad wherein two Americans were also travelling despite the fact that black-box had been recovered. People wanted to know who were the two Americans aboard the plane, they posed a question. They noted with concern that alleged American involvement and dubious activity on our soil and said, at a time when whole of Pak was suffering from pains of floods. They said that today India had total control over Pak water while America was doing the same in Afghanistan where it released a huge amount of water to inundate Khyber PK first time in the history of this part. They said that the World Bank and the IMF role in this tough time on Pakistan was also depreciable and cast suspicions after they had expressed distrust in Pakistan authorities to assess the volume of destruction for granting aid to Pakistan. Moreover, they said America has thrust upon Pakistani nation its 'war on terror through its planted rulers. They also accused the US of masterminding blasts in Pakistan which was proved by the presence of thousands of American agency people and army personnel on this soil. They said that Pakistan at present was the target of the worst conspiracies and the voice for martial law in the country was a part of it.