LAHORE - Student Action Committee (SAC) and Judicial Activism Panel (JCP) on Monday jointly held a protest demonstration against the brutal killing of two brothers in Sialkot. The protesters chanted slogans against the highhand-edness of the police and accused the Punjab govt of failure to arrest the accused persons. They demanded of the government to immediately apprehend the accused and treat them with iron hands. Speaking to the protesters at Press Club, leader of SAC Ali Javed said they would continue the movement to protect the rights of the students and would not allow anyone to turn the province into a police state. He said the two brothers of Sialkot were innocent and they were martyred with the consent of the police. On the occasion, chairman JAP advocate Muhammad Azhar Siddiqi said the lawyers and civil society would support the students movement for their rights. He said some politicians were exploiting the issue, and they are not interested in solving problems of the masses but to keep their mind entangled in trivial issues. Peoples Student Federation (PSF), in a meeting, condemned the incident and said the murder of two bothers in this so-called democratic era had unveiled the real faces of the rulers. They also condemned the police oppression on peaceful protest of the students at Bahawalpur and termed the same as another worst example of police terrorism. They announced to launch a movement against police oppression as well as privatisation of the colleges.