WASHINGTON (NNI) Nearly six in 10 Americans oppose the nine-year-old war in Afghanistan, even as President Barack Obama is sending more troops to fight in that country, according to the AP-GfK poll. With just over 10 weeks left before nationwide elections that could define the reminder of Obamas first term, 58 percent oppose Obamas expanded war effort in Afghanistan, while only 38 percent support it, a drop from 46 percent in March. Just 19 percent expect the situation to improve during the next year, while 29 percent think it will get worse. Some 49 percent think it will remain the same, CBS News reported. The opposition of war in Afghanistan by majority of Americans could depress Democratic turnout when the party desperately needs to energise its supporters for midterm congressional elections, the report adds. I think we really need to give them an opportunity to economically, socially grow, I think its more helpful if were not in their face all the time, so the deadline is, I think, a good thing, to see how stable they are, Mary Campbell, a Lawrence city worker, said. Over 1,100 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan since fighting began in October 2001, including a monthly record of 66 in July this year. Last fall, Obama authorized an increase in troops in Afghanistan by 30,000 to 100,000, triple the level from 2008, The Big News Network reported. Many in Congress have expressed doubts that the military effort could succeed without a tough campaign against bribery and graft that have eroded the Afghan peoples trust in their government.