The 100-hour long candle-light vigil before the White House by the people of Kashmiri origin was a stirring wake-up call to the superpower as well as the world community to realise their obligation to protect Kashmiris against the human rights abuses that the Indian security forces are freely and blatantly committing in the Valley. To President Obama, in particular, it was a reminder to honour the commitment he had made when as candidate he presented himself before the American public as a harbinger of peace in the world, determined to resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes of the people. The slogan most commonly voiced by the marchers on Pennsylvania Avenue and written on the placards was Quit Kashmir, clearly addressed to India. Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council said, now, bleeding and betrayed, they (the Kashmiris) ask for the pledge (made by the UN) to be redeemed. The situation on ground in the Indian occupied part of the state and the call from the Diaspora are ample proof of the yearning of the people to be free of Indias stranglehold. The passage of 62 years under its illegal occupation and the coming of age of the new generation of Kashmiris have not blunted the desire to exercise the right of self-determination to decide their future. The Kashmiri settlers in Canada have not stayed behind and they held demonstrations in front of the Indian consulate in Toronto shouting the Quit Kashmir slogan. They were joined by the Sikh immigrants, who like most other minorities in India, have grievously suffered at the hands of the Hindu leadership. For the past nearly three months, the Indian occupied part has either presented a haunted look with shops and business houses, government offices and educational institutions, closed down in response to a strike call by the Kashmiri leadership; or alive with angry shouts of protesters demanding an end to Indian rule. The unnerved and desperate security forces have responded to the stone-pelting with live bullets that have so far killed 62, mostly young people, some as young as nine. Forty-eight of them, including 14 security personnel, were injured on Sunday. The urge for freedom from India is so widespread and strong that the protest rallies are now joined by the womenfolk. Since the troops are protected against prosecution under a draconian law they have become outrageously trigger-happy. The situation has come to a boiling point and it is high time for the world community to compel India to honour its word. The people of Kashmir and the rest of the justice-minded world are looking up to President Obama not to sacrifice a beleaguered peoples lives and honour for the sake of strengthening Washingtons strategic relations with New Delhi.