Indus is flowing in exceptionally high flood level at Kotri Barrage with water flow of over 900,000 cusecs. The river is eroding katcha embankment of Surjani Bund in Thatta district. The floodwater has developed breach at RBOD drain in Hyderabad. Several villages have been inundated in Latifabad and Wahdat Colony of Hyderabad. Dozens of villages have been submerged around Thatta. Water levels at Sukkur and Guddu barrages are receding; the same situation has been reported from upper Sindh. The dykes on river being strengthened and the embankments have been broken at Khanpur and Al-Manzar to save Hyderabad. The floodwater has inundated Khanpur area. Another breach has been made near Khair Mohammed Rajar Goth near Kotri upstream, which has submerged the Katcha area.