It should not be totally unexpected if the war on terror ends on Osama bin Laden, terror of the century, turning out to be a hypothetical figure after all who sat somewhere on the sets of Hollywood acting out the part for clips that are sent anonymous to news channels around the worldexcept that millions of innocents have died in the war fought in his name. Osama probably is as hypothetical as the Weapons of Mass Destruction that Iraq allegedly possessed but in reality were just a figment of American imagination. Nine long years into this war against innocents, the NATO troops are as far from apprehending Osama bin Laden as they were on the day of Afghanistans invasion but hundreds of thousands of innocents that meant no harm to the world are dead. I fully endorse the sentiments of Bob Baer, a former CIA official who has called this an insane war that the US is funding itself by paying, albeit indirectly, to Taliban through heavy duties and taxes for transportation of NATO supplies to Afghanistan. That everyone wants the US out of Afghanistan is evident from the fact that the security situation seems to be worsening by the day. Lets hope this global war on terror does not unleash something even more horrible than the religious fundamentalists it claims as its aim to destroy. -LUBNA UMAR, Islamabad, August 19.