PARIS (AFP) - Haruna Asami beat Japanese compatriot Tomoko Fukumi for the second year in a row in the final to retain her under-48kg world title at the Palais Omnisport de Bercy here on Tuesday. Asami notched the only score of the fight with an inner-leg sweep (ouchi-gari) for the minimum yuko score 30 seconds from the end of the contest. It was Fukumi's third world final in a row having won in Rotterdam in 2009. Young Brazilian star Sarah Menezes crushed home hopes of a medal on the opening day as she defeated veteran Frederique Jossinet with a drop shoulder throw (ippon-seoi-nage) after a tightly fought bronze medal contest. Hungary's Eva Csernoviczki won a controversial bout against Beligum's Charline Van Snick to also earn her podium spot. Csernovizcki twice scored with throws that appeared right on the edge of the legal mat area but both times she was awarded a score after a TV review, earning her the victory.