RAWALPINDI – Punjab Emergency Service (PES) Rescue 1122 rescued a total of 162 victims while responding to 151 emergency calls during Eid holidays.

Out of total emergency calls during Eid day, 94 were of road traffic accidents, 3 fire incidents, 2 crime incidents, 1 drowning case and 51 medical emergencies. All emergency calls have been responded with average response time of less then 5 minutes in district Rawalpindi, informed Rescue 1122 spokesman here on Thursday.

According to him, the emergency vehicles were deputed at all the Eid congregations and sensitive areas along with trained emergency staff to provide immediate pre-hospital emergency cover. Emergency Officers including trained doctors supervised the arrangements during Eid days, he added. 

He said that the leaves of the rescuers had been restricted and they were assigned special emergency duties to effectively cover large Eid prayer gatherings and to provide the emergency medical, rescue and fire fighting services to the citizens during Eid holidays.

In Rawalpindi more than 400 rescue staff remained on special duties in district control room, emergency rescue stations, with 13 fully equipped emergency ambulances, 11 fire vehicles, 04 special rescue vehicles, 01 water rescue van and 02 water bowzers. Special mobile posts had also been established for effectively providing medical cover to the public gatherings.

The emergency vehicles had been deputed at Eidgah Shareef, Jamia Masjid (04 Chungi Number), Rawal Chowk, Nawaz Sharif Park, Col Maqbool Imam Bargah, Zikriya Masjid, Chohr Chowk and Police Line Civil Lines on Eid day for providing medical cover to Eidgahs. Four key points had been established at Ayub Park, Jinnah Park, Nawaz Sharif Park and Chohr Chowk during Eid days, the spokesman mentioned. 

On the other hand, PES Rescue 1122 Director General (DG) Dr Rizwan Naseer appreciated rescuers on emergency preparedness and arrangements during Eid days in all the districts of Punjab.

He appreciated all the rescuers, who sacrificed their Eid holidays for safety of community.

He further requested public to dial emergency number 1122 with moral responsibility. Only timely call can ensure timely response and rescue in case of any emergency of disaster, he added.