A NOISY rooster could land its owners with a fine of up to £5,000 after neighbours complained about the early wake-up call.Rodney the rooster, owned by Matt and Kerrie Summers, starts crowing as early as 3.43am for up to 76 times over a three-hour period.Fed-up with the early morning racket, their neighbours set up recording equipment to monitor the noise and now council officials have served Mr and Mrs Summers with a noise abatement notice.The couple, who live at Primrose Hill, in Bath, have said they may now have to look for a new home for their beloved rooster.Self-employed electrician Matt Summers, 39, yesterday claimed Rodney’s loud crowing was a ‘pleasant’ addition to his neighbourhood. The father-of-four, who lives with Kerrie, 34, a nursery nurse, bought Rodney for £20 last October to stop his seven chickens - which provide eggs for the family - from fighting.Mr Summers, who has lived in his home in Weston, Bath, since the age of five, said: ‘He is very affectionate, as soon as we come home he is crowing for our attention. ‘The children see him as their pet and they would be really upset if we had to get rid of him. ‘We first heard of complaints in June when we had the longer daylight hours’.                        –MO