ISLAMABAD  - Despite end of Eid-ul-Fitr holidays, offices in the Federal Capital witnessed very low attendance as more than half of the officers and employees did not return from their hometowns.

All the government, semi-government and private offices, including banks and financial institutions, reopened on Thursday observed very low attendance after the seven-day Eid vacation. Festive mood was prevailing in most of the offices, and officials and staff were seen exchanging Eid greetings with their colleagues.

It was a nearly weeklong holiday for the office-goers as they had enjoyed public holidays since Friday, a two-day weekend. Furqan Ahmad, a government servant told APP, that only locals who are the resident of twin-city were present in the offices. It will take two or three days for city life to return normal. Most of the schools in the city would also open next week after summer vacation, so parents of the children are also in relax mood. Most of the employees in private and public sector departments take a week off before Eid and move to their hometowns a little early as transport becomes unavailable at the last minute.

“I left early on Thursday, for my hometown Quetta, taking days off in continuation with Eid holidays and returned Wednesday night, so I can join my office from the next working day”, Athar, another government official said.

The most amazing thing during my stay is to share the happiness of eid with my family, relatives and old friends there, he added.

Meanwhile, government offices throughout the country including Federal Capital re-opened on Thursday after Eid holidays.

According to details, after the conclusion of Eid holidays i.e. 20-22 August, offices opened on Thursday following conclusion of three day Eid holidays announced by the Government in this regard.

It is pertinent to mention that although offices re-opened on Thursday, attendance in them was on a slow side as still large number of employees are out of station to spend Eid with family and relatives.

The traffic on the roads was also scanty in the Federal Capital.

Meanwhile, students of most of the government schools in Rawalpindi return to their classrooms after the summer vacation on Thursday. According to Media Reports, Punjab government had announced summer vacations till Eid-ul-Fitr.

Students of most of the schools in Punjab return to their classrooms after the summer vacation on Thursday. The attendance in the classrooms were thin as children were still in vacation. Some of the private schools will however reopen on Monday.