PAKPATTAN - The departmental inaction and corruption are the products that have put the people trust in rulers and interest in politics on a downward trajectory.A similar situation has been observed in the city, where public resentment and criticism of the Punjab government are nearly unprecedented for it has landed the area people in unhealthy living conditions. The construction of a sports Gymnasium had stopped, which had been started with the cost of Rs55 million two year before. Forty percent work had been completed.After heavy rainfall during this year monsoon, the construction site was flooded as the project had been left like old relics of antiquity to serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, making the locals vulnerable to dengue.The callous attitude of the Punjab government relegated the project to limbo as it stopped funds.The local sports organisations asked the Punjab Chief minister Shahbaz Sharif that PML-N had won all the seats of MNAs and MPAs in the district in 2008 elections but the government ignored the district. They said that public welfare projects should not be disregarded. They further said that the district government had set up two small parks in the city however major project of a park had been postponed. They said that funds should be made available at any cost in larger public interest.