The increasing number of terrorist attacks on civil and military targets makes me extremely sad and depressed. The debate on whether the war against terrorism is our own war or an imposed one is useless. How can we win this war if we do not own it? What we need the most to defeat the terrorists is a national awareness campaign to educate the people on the horrors of extremism and its offspring called terrorism. This campaign is missing. Secondly, good governance is essential. Thirdly, we need to have good relations with our neighbours. We still have to overcome many hurdles in this particular area. Fourthly, a truth and reconciliation commission, along the lines of the one formed in South Africa, should be formed to lower the political temperature between the government and the opposition. Fifthly, security is the subject which occupies our attention most of the time. In my suggested order of priorities, this should be the last factor but the reality is that it is consuming most of our energies and efforts. I don’t see terrorism as an administrative problem. If we have to win the war against terrorism all the five steps mentioned above have to be implemented simultaneously. If we concentrate on one and sideline or ignore the remaining four we will be playing in the hands of the local and foreign enemies of Pakistan. If these measures are not implemented immediately, the possibility of fair elections and peaceful transfer of power will also fade away. If that happens, it will become extremely hard to keep Pakistan as one united country. We can win this non-conventional war if we see the whole picture instead of seeing the problem in parts.B A Malik, Islamabad, August 22.