LAHORE - District Coordination Officer Noorul Amin-Mengal has said that almost 10,000 fruit plants will be planted in City area covering from The Mall & Canal Road till the BRB Canal.

He said these fruit plants included Mango, Jambolan, Mulbery and Guava. Mengal said these plants would not only enhance the beauty of City but also reduce pollution from City atmosphere. “Plants are the only source through which atmosphere can be made neat and clean”, Mr Mengal added.

 He further disclosed that City District Government Lahore would plant fruit plants and shady trees on both side of road.

Meanwhile, District Coordination Officer Noorul Amin Mengal has said Sheesha smoking would not be allowed.

The DCO said Sheesha smoking’s complete elimination from city would be ensured and special teams had been constituted and officers had been fully empowered in this regard.

 “To allow Sheesha cafes to continue is just like to allow young generation to move towards dark future,” Mengal added. 

He further said an indiscriminate crackdown was continuing in City and it was the topmost responsibility of CDGL to keep young generation away from this bad habit.