MULTAN - MUHAMMAD IRTAZA - The medics have waged cyber war against Babus of Punjab govt as Young Doctors Association (YDA) posted the photos of the Punjab Chief Secretary and the Information Secretary on facebook, asking the doctors not to give them or any other bureaucrat VIP treatment at any state-run hospital.

"No senior or young doctor will provide them VIP treatment in any hospital across Punjab and from today all bureaucrats including them will come to OPD for treatment," reads a post with the photos of the Chief Secretary and Secretary Information on the wall of YDA Mayo Hospital and the PMA Punjab. "The biggest enemies of the Punjab govt, who are instigating young doctors to go on strike are those, who are planning transfers of postgraduate residents after Eid," the post further reads.

The doctors suggested to one another to share the post with others and so far hundreds of doctors have done so besides giving their comments on the post. The tension between the Punjab government and doctors is again aggravating as the latter's programme to conduct a series of peaceful demonstrations has ended and it is feared that they might go on strike again.  Earlier, the medics remained on strike for several weeks as a result of which dozens of patients lost their lives at hospitals because of absence of treatment.