Pakistan has been facing the worst loadshedding and the disappointing thing is that nobody is serious in resolving this issue. Loadshedding occurs daily for almost 12 hours. It has not only destroyed our economy but has turned Pakistan into a country where no one wants to invest. People face many difficulties due to unscheduled loadshedding such as water deficiency, interruption in education, closing of industries, increase in unemployment and damage to electronic devices due to fluctuation. Worse still, the ‘kunda’ system and non-payment of dues by large government companies’ add to the woes of the people who do pay their bills. Wapda can hire teams to find the culprits that are stealing electricity as well initiate projects to over come the supply and demand gap. I request the ministry of Water and Power Development Authority to support the concerned authorities in doing so.AGHA SHAHEEN KHAN, Ghotki, August 19.