LAHORE - Society of Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan (SAEP) President Shoukat Jamshed on Thursday lauded the PIA’s operations for the Olympics and Umrah.

“The PIA under its new chairman has conducted active operations for Olympic Games and Umrah,” he said, adding that the recent change of PIA Managing Director led to a visible improvement in its service.

Before the Olympics, the Heathrow airport authorities had warned of levying heavy penalties for disturbance on the busiest London airport over delay. The PIA’s 25 flights, out of 27, to the Heathrow airport operated on time. The Heathrow airport operation director also appreciated PIA for efficient operation during the Olympics.

Jamshed said the new management had been taking practical steps to provide needed spare parts on priority.

He went on: “The Engineering and Maintenance department is the backbone of any airline. An airworthy fleet activates all other departments that makes it efficient and profitable. Now the spares/engines requirement is being fulfilled and the fleet is becoming airworthy. It is hoped that soon the whole fleet will be operational to give desired dividend.”

“It seems that the management is not only appreciative of these facts but also believes in the concept of management by participation of representatives of PIA employees that is bound to redeem the past glory of the national flag carrier to deserve the slogan ‘Great People to Fly with’.”