LAHORE – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to unveil its ‘Economic Policy Vision’ today (Friday) focusing broadening the tax net, unemployment, inflation and GDP, TheNation has learnt.

Senior PTI leader Ahsan Rasheed when contacted to get know about the salient features of party’s ‘Economic Policy Vision’ restricting himself to the major areas of the policy said it would covered the area of broadening the tax net by bringing the tax evaders into its net by suggesting stern measures and new strategy to taxing the untaxed and lowering the burden on the working classes.

Informing about other major areas of the economic policy, he said the policy would also cover the issue of increasing the GDP by giving proposals to increase it up to 15 per cent.

Ahsan informed that the serious issues of unemployment and inflation would also be part of the economic policy vision to be unveiled by PTI’s economic affairs head, Asad Omer during a media conference in the federal capital today, while the ceremony would be chaired by party chief, Imran Khan, besides the participation of PTI’s senior leadership and core group members.

When asked to briefly elaborate some proposals relating to the major areas of the policy, he politely refusing to reply the query said that complete details regarding party’s economic policy would be made public only during a media summit today by Asad Omer.

Meanwhile, sources in the PTI privy to the developments regarding the preparation of the economic policy vision told this correspondent on Thursday few members of the party’s core group did not attend the final meeting held a day before making the economic policy public due to some differences with the economic affairs wing over some policy contours on economy, which would set the PTI direction to steer the country out of the major economic crisis if voted to power.

A member of the core group when called said, “Yes differences do exist over the economic policy vision, however wait for unveiling ceremony of the policy to be held today (Friday) before getting some final answers”.

Omer Sarfaraz Cheema, another senior PTI leader when contacted to get some in-depth details of the economic policy vision, he while seconding Ahsan Rasheed’s revealed areas of the policy also refused to comment any further.

Asked about the differences over the economic policy vision among party’s core group, Omer said he had no knowledge of differences.  He maintained that all the party leaders were onboard while making the economic policy vision.