KHYBER AGENCY - Dearth of entertainment and amusement activities in Landi Kotal compels the tribals especially the youth community to arrange trips to Kalam, Murree, Islamabad, Northern Areas and other cities of the country.

The dwellers of the Khyber demanded of the authorities concerned to provide recreational opportunities in their areas on priority basis and make arrangements for provision of fun and play amenities.

Since the creation of Pakistan no recreational facilities have been provided to the tribesmen at all, rather insurgency is prevailing in the area since the last decade, a tribal elder regretted.

Ijaz-ul-Haq, a second year student, said, “Due to the absence of healthy and fun engagements in Landi Kotal, I along with my five companions has planned a go on a trip to Islamabad.”

When Tehsildar Landi Kotal, Arshad Afridi, was contacted in this regard, said, “the administration is aware of the problems of the tribal youth and will leave no stone unturned to motivate them to healthy activities.”

The case would be discussed with the Additional Political Agent, who is responsible for development works in the agency including parks and sports grounds in Landi Kotal, he said.