LAHORE – The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue-1122) has responded to 4743 emergencies including 24 drowning and 17 one wheeling incidents during Eid days across the province.

“A significant increase in incidents of wheelies was observed on Eidul Fitar so the Rescue service provided emergency care to 20 youngsters, who fallen prey to accidents while attempting stunts on motorbikes while doing one wheeling,” a spokesman said. He further said these 4,743 emergencies include 2,470 road traffic accidents, 1,625 medical emergencies, 34 fire emergencies, 202 emergencies related to violence and over 378 other Emergencies.

In this regard emergency vehicles were deputed at all major Eid prayer sites and sensitive areas along with trained emergency staff to provide immediate pre-hospital emergency cover in all districts of Punjab. The rescuers have performed special emergency duties to effectively cover large Eid prayer gatherings and have provided timely emergency medical, rescue and fire fighting services to citizens during Eid holidays.