The perpetrators of the Kohistan bus attack in which Shia passengers were pulled out of buses and massacred on the Karakoram Highway in February this year are still at large. Apparently they were identified and the whole plot was unravelled but for the sake of personal interests and cowardice on the part of the state, these butchers were never apprehended. Emboldened and unfazed by the state’s lack of will and inaction to enforce its writ, these barbaric sectarian outfits, ensconced safely in their sanctuaries spread all over the districts of Mansehra, Kohistan, Diamer, Darel and Tangir, have struck yet again and massacred innocent Shias in Mansehra. Where are the state and its security apparatus? Where are the intelligence and the law enforcement agencies? Who will provide security and safety to the unfortunate citizens of this unfortunate country? The targeted killings of Shias are a matter of shame for the security state of Pakistan and the men who run the show.Wajahat Malik, Islamabad, August 22.