PESHAWAR - The Department of Archaeology, Hazara University Mansehra, in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is going to hold a three-day international conference from September 5, on “Rediscovering the Silk Route” at the university main campus.

“It will be the first of its kind international moot in which scholars from around the world will take part to explore the legacy of the Silk Route,” Dr Abdul Samad, Head of the Department of Archaeology, Hazara University, Mansehra, said.

He added that the conference aims to provide an advanced forum for the national and international scholars and researchers to share their latest researches and findings of their projects on any aspect related with the Silk Route.

He explained that the Silk Route has earned a high status in terms of archaeological heritage, cultural legacy, scriptural and lingual interaction, trade and commerce, religious thoughts, socio-political ideas, artistic and architectural endeavors, geographic-cum-strategic importance, and ethnological assets (both tangible and intangible) of innumerable hordes of diverse origins, used to move along this most frequented highway.

“The Route has been serving the main and the safest path for the caravans and convoys between Pakistan and China and beyond borders, he maintained.

He said that tourism has a good potential for its growth and marketing due to many places of interest along the Silk Route and in the adjoining areas.

Dr. Samad, who is also organizer of the conference shared that this conference will generate interest in the cultural heritage in the country among the public at the International, national, and provincial level as well.

“A greater appreciation and respect for ancient remains and history would be developed, he said.