KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Munawar Hasan has said that the government’s wrong planning and polices have permitted India to violate cease fire and extend terrorism on Line of Control (LoC) and eastern border of Pakistan.

“The unwarranted cease fire violation by Indian Army at Pakistani border has spoken volumes about the government’s planning and policies towards a solution to the problem. Pakistan must respond strictly to the aggression by Indian Army so that sovereignty of the country could be shown,” he asserted.

PML-N led government has failed to show its strength in front of the socio-economic problems of the country. The government must not close the doors of negotiation to Taliban by saying that the use of power against militants is another option, he said. He as addressing a press conference at JI’s provincial head quarter here on Friday. JI Karachi chief Hussain Mehanti, Naib Ameers Karachi Raja Arif Sultan, Hafiz Naeemur Rehman, JI General Secretary Karachi Naseem Siddiqui and JI Information Secretary Zahid Askari were also present on the occasion.

The JI chief said the National Security Council would not proof fruitful with ignoring the national agenda. He said the government must not adopt lenient attitude towards India because the enemy was taking advantage of this sympathetic approach of our policy makers.      

“Our problems have been increased with the intervention of India in internal affairs as it wants to destabilise Balochistan. The soft stance of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over Indian aggression on LoC has further encouraged it to continue its terrorism activities in Pakistan,” he added. He said the lenient attitude of present government towards India and given it an MFN status (Most Favoured Nation) is like giving an opportunity to India to express more aggression on LoC and eastern border.

“India has also violated the pact between the two countries by constructing dams on Pakistani rivers and change the ways of water towards Pakistan,” he added. He urged the present government that the dialogues with India should be held with keeping national integrity in mind.

Commenting on peace talks with Taliban, he said the government should contact them before holding any formal session of discussions with them.

Hasan further stressed upon the need to unveil a detailed plan about before the nation about the military operations conducted by Pak Army in Swat, Buner and other adjacent areas.

He further urged the PML-N government to evolve an effective strategy before the withdrawal of US Army from Afghanistan in 2014. To a query, JI chief Munawar Hasan said the Taliban should clear what type of guarantee they want from the JI.

Highlighting the situation in Bangladesh, he urged the government that it should remind the Bangladeshi government about the pact made between former Pakistan premier Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Bangladeshi prime minister Mujeebur Rehman in 1972 in which it stated that all cases regarding war crimes had been abolished and no such cases should be registered in future.


The JI has once again demanded restoration of Morsi government in Egypt and death sentence to Egyptian Army General Sisi. The demand was made by JI Karachi chief Hussain Mehanti while addressing a protest rally in favour of the innocent Egyptians and Ikhwan-e-Muslimeen at Jamia Masjid Okhia Memon Jamaat Khana in Federal B Area. The rally was taken out on the occasion of Martyrs of Egypt Day here on Friday.

The JI was organised protest rallies and congregations outside several mosques, including Masjid Farooq-e-Azam, Jamia Masjid Noman, Jamia Masjid Bilal, Al-Huda Mosque and others.

A large number of people, including the JI workers and supporters attended the protests. They raised placards and banners inscribed with the slogans in favour of Ikhwan-e-Muslimeen and against the brutal General Sisi.

The protestors demanded restoration of Morsi government and death sentence to General Sisi. Addressing a protest rally, he said the entire Muslim Ummah was passing through a critical juncture as the United States and its allies were hatching conspiracy against it.

“The Islamic Movements in Aljazair, Palestine and Egypt have got victory in democratic way but the US and its allies through a conspiracy provoked army insurgency in those Islamic countries.”