Sartaj Aziz in his article ‘Energy Crisis, Who is responsible’ said, ‘Paradoxically, one of the most important underlying causes of today’s loadshedding was, in fact, the energy policy launched by the PPP government in 1994’. He has described how with dazzling speed, within three months, the government issued MOUs to 70 IPPs out of which 27 were fired up, and how the 1994 energy policy brought about a decisive shift in the Pakistan energy mix.

No other leader has ever bothered to inform the public, in their many discussions on TV or during the election campaign, how the increase in cost of crude oil from $10 per barrel in 1994 to $100 at present has hiked the cost per unit, forcing the government to subsidise it, resulting in a massive circular debt, which is the real cause of the present loadshedding. Thanks to this inexplicable silence from PML-N quarters, Raja Pervez Ashraf is free to taunt the prime minister on this issue, a case of pot calling the kettle black.


Lahore, August 20.