We have seen corruption on all levels and the amazing issue is that noting is resolved. All prize bonds issued by State Bank of Pakistan are not sold in the open market, they are issued in series, and they include un-issued bonds (still in State Bank coffers) and unsold bonds which some banks have in their saving centers. Ethically, these prize bonds should not be included in the monthly draw for prizes as this deprives the people who buy prize bonds. These banks cannot be stakeholders in the draws without actually buying any bonds on the open market? A new system should be introduced to draw the prize. A computer program should be designed that draws out only the bonds actually sold, increasing the percentage of chance of getting a prizes for the bond buyer. This will give a boost to the prize bond sale and should not be difficult to do as the banks should be having the data of bonds actually sold out from the saving centers and banks?


Rawalpindi, August 20.