ISLAMABAD : A two-day “National Workshop on the Review and Implementation of the Inter-Ministerial MoUs between Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Republic of Korea” organised by ILO, Govt of Pakistan, Republic of Korea and OEC ended here on Friday.  The purpose of the national training workshop was to update the information and knowledge of government administrators and trainers in Pakistan about the conditions of recruitment and employment of foreign workers in Korea etc.

, to identify gaps in the current system of EPS operations between ROK and Pakistan, suggest ways to enhance the efficiency of the EPS system related to recruitment, pre-departure training, monitoring conditions of employment and implementation and to review challenges to the protection of migrant works and provide suggestions to improve the system as well as to discuss ways to lead to greater diversification of occupations for Pakistani workers.

Under the auspices of the ILO/Korea Partnership Programme, the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific has initiated a series of policy dialogues and training activities on the management of labour migration undertaken in close collaboration with its Korean partner organisations. In this collaboration, the ILO has focused on strengthening the institutional and operational capacities of Asian countries of origin which have signed the memoranda of understanding with the Republic of Korea (ROK) on the implementation of its Employment Permit System (EPS) for migrant workers. Between 2009-2013, there have been a series of national workshops on the EPS arranged in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Cambodia, the Kyrgyz Republic and most recently in Myanmar.