Does Imran Khan take independent decisions? No, he doesn’t. Yes, he is dictatorial in nature and adamant by instinct, yet he happens to be superstitious in psyche. He has long been under the influence of spiritualists or mystics whom he has been following. Political wisdom does not recognize spiritual prediction. So Imran’s current move does not seem to be qualifying the political wisdom but the very strong predictions made by a number of known mystics, spiritualists, occult experts, numerologists and palmists, whose foretelling has been appearing in the print and electronic media from time to time. The crux of their prediction was that till the end of October 2014, Nawaz Sharif shall remain in dire straits and Imran Khan has a big chance to grab this opportunity to gain power.

Imran mentioned his belief in a nine-year cycle, and he seems to believe this over political wisdom. He should not disrupt peace, that too when the country, the nation, the armed forces and the government are fighting a decisive battle against terrorists. By announcing joining him on August 14, Qadri has almost hijacked his show, while he knows that Chaudhrys and other opportunists, who he claims to hate, are using him for their own political ends. States can’t afford such ‘statesmen’. Imran Khan’s game starts with a toss but who will bat first? He, Qadri or the opportunist Chaudhrys?


Islamabad, August 11.