Imran Khan has said he will stop power supply from Tarbela dam to the whole country, if power supply to KPK is stopped. He had earlier asked for Tarbela dam to be handed over to KPK. What Imran Khan is saying is that since Tarbela dam is in KPK, it belongs to KPK. He forgets that the dam was built by the federal government, not the provincial government. If one province can build a major dam, on a major river, because the site of the dam falls within the territory of that province, why cannot another province do the same? Why cannot Punjab build a major dam on a site which falls within its territory, the Kalabagh dam?

But Punjab will not do that, because dams and rivers belong to the nation and not to any province. A province cannot even take water from a major river, expect under the supervision of the federal body IRSA. One KPK minister is on record having said that it is our water which Punjab is usurping, to generate power at Ghazi Barotha. Punjab could well say to Sindh ‘it is my water that you are taking from Guddu and Sukkur barrages’. And Sindh would say ‘hands off, both of you, the whole of the Indus belongs to me’. Thus creating a battle between the provinces.

What kind of country are we trying to run? The four provinces have yet to become one nation and we are turning them into ‘Four Units’, each going its own way, with its back to the other three, claiming as its own, whatever lies within its four boundaries.


Lahore, August 19.