Our ancestors struggled hard to liberate this country. August 14 is celebrated every year as Independence Day. Now we have our own land where we can exercise true principles of Islam in letter and in spirit, and tolerance is one of them. Unfortunately, with the passage of time we strayed from the right path and let many, so called ‘theologians’, with shallow knowledge of religion, fuel sectarianism. From terrorism to unemployment and load shedding, Pakistan is known for all the worst reasons. Instead of overpowering these monsters, our political leaders, the power hungry zealots, have made life for the common man unbearable. Democracy in Pakistan has a very different definition, it is bludgeoning of the people, by the people, for the people.

This time August 14 has stuck Islamabad as lightning, all avenues have been sealed. The city, already trampled, under the heavy earth moving machinery for Metro bus, is now looking very sorry. Everybody is afraid of what would happen. Access to hospitals and markets has been blocked; a human rights violation. To come out of this messy situation, I request Imran Khan and Dr, Tahirul Qadri to behave like sober and educated people and sit down for talks. There are no ‘checkmates’ in politics. The first and last priority of political leaders must be the well being of the people. Still, it is not too late to reconcile and avoid any bloodshed.


Islamabad, August 13.