ISLAMABAD: Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah said Wednesday that Altaf Hussain sits with people belonging to the Indian lobby .

Talking to media in his chamber here in parliament, Shah said Sattar delivered his press conference under immense political pressure.

“MQM London won’t sit in silence,” Khursheed Shah said, adding that the party in London would try its utmost to prevent transfer of power to Karachi.

“How much more abuse would Article 6 take?” he said, adding that Ziaul-Haq hanged the prime minister who had introduced the article in the first place.

Khursheed Shah further said that the government had talked about imposing Article 6 on Pervez Musharraf but then let him leave the country.

“The government has tried to deflect attention from Panama Papers,” said the opposition leader.