LAHORE - The Punjab government has established Monitoring & Inspection Wing to scrutinise plans, schedules, movements and activities of the Town Municipal Administrations.

The M&I will conduct surprise inspections of the Divisional Directorates, Divisional Components of the M&I Wing, TMAs and duly report to the Provincial Directorate.

This initiative of the Punjab government including the establishment of M&I Wing prior to the origin of the local governments is to ensure transfer of funds to the grass root level and its accurate utilisation, official sources in the Finance department told The Nation yesterday.

They said that there were countless audit observations against the district setups established during Musharraf’s regime. As monitoring was weak so embezzlement of funds was on the rise, the officials said, adding that the government wanted to overcome the misuse of public money at district and tehsil level.

The wing of the Punjab Local Fund Audit Department is being established on the directions of Finance Minister Dr Ayesha Ghous Pasha, and the Punjab Local Fund Audit Project director who had desired to make this functional.

The M&I’s provincial component will be located at the premises of the Provincial Directorate and it shall monitor and scrutinise the reports, response, pace and progress of the Divisional Directorates as well as the Divisional Components.

The M&I Wing is approved by realigning and re-designating the vacant posts of the Circle Audit establishment of the Punjab Local Fund Audit Department, and it shall submit a report to the Provincial Directorate for further necessary action, consolidation and onward transmission to the government.

The wing will do inspection and monitoring of complete types of accounts to be kept at Local Accounts Offices as specified in the PLGO, 2001. Monthly reconciliation made by the town Accounts Officers with the Collecting Officers, Bank Reconciliation Statements, Cash Balance Position, Compilation of monthly accounts, annual accounts, and consolidated accounts will also be monitored.

Moreover, the wing will also ensure the information and returns to be submitted to the Provincial Directorate and office discipline, punctuality and conduct of official business of tehsil and other institutions.

Moreover, regarding Implementation and coordination, the wing will do submit the requisite information by the TAOs and other institutions to the divisional directorates and the later to the provincial directorate in time.

It will also ensure response and compliance of the directions, tasks, assignments, letters and other issues referred by the provincial directorate to the divisional directorates and by the later to the TMAs and other institutions.

Physical verification of the stock and stores, record keeping and documentation of the Divisional Directorates, tehsil/Town Accounts Offices, and other institutions, it will report on the instances of failure, noncompliance or delayed and unsatisfactory response to the provincial directorate.